• If you haven’t signed up, go to Create Account, sign-up and get started.
  • This is how you will able to see the Sign Up page in aiTest.

Sign Up

  • You need to create an account using the above sign up link to test your application using aiTest. Just enter the credentials to sign up and you will receive an email with verification code to get signed in successfully.

  • We have provided the sign-in with Google feature to allow users to sign in, So that users can save time and reduce the risk of typos and errors.

Benefits of aiTest

aiTest is a software testing tool which used to automate the testing of software applications. These tool is designed to help developers and testers reduce the time and effort required for manual testing and increase the accuracy and efficiency of software testing.

Key values:

  • aiTest automation tool can perform a wide range of testing tasks, including performance testing, Multi Browser testing, and URL testing.
  • You can perform performance testing on your application to check application’s performance under normal and heavy loads to identify its breaking point and determine how it behaves under peak usage conditions.
  • aiTest helps us to simulate real-world scenarios, such as multiple users accessing the application simultaneously, high volumes of data, and peak usage periods.
  • You can also perform Multi Browser (Functional) testing on your application to check the application’s performance on different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge with their different browser versions and with mobile devices like iPhone, Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and iPad, etc.
  • You can perform URL testing on your application by providing the URL of application. i.e.
  • You can name the testrun whatever you want “load-test-on-youtube”, “functional-test-on-amazon”, or “url-test-on-ctc”, etc.
  • aiTest can automatically generate test cases result based on the requirements, selected browsers and mobile devices, or existing code.
  • aiTest can perform tests continuously, ensuring that software applications are always tested.
  • The aiTest works 24x7 and in all time zones.
  • aiTest can analyze large amounts of data, identify patterns, and generate test cases based on that analysis. It can also execute tests and generate reports on testrun results.
  • Moreover, you can create a separate project and create a test under that project.

Questions answered

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